National Chocolate Milk Day

Chocolate Milk Facts

Chocolate milk is a beloved drink among young and old alike, but did you know some of these fun facts about the sweet treat?

1. According to historians, chocolate milk was invented by Jamaicans in 1494! Irish physician, Sir Hans Sloane, actually brought the cocoa and milk recipe back to Europe and sold it as medicine.

2. Chocolate milk …

Peel back the label

Peel Back the Label

As food manufacturers continue to turn to fear-based food labeling to prop up profits and consumers face more confusion in the grocery aisles, America’s dairy farmers launched “Peel Back the Label,” a  campaign to highlight this troublesome trend and stress the need for truth and transparency in food marketing.

The campaign comes as almost 70% of consumers say …

Corn Silage

What are those white tarps with tires on them?

July in Arizona means corn harvest for our dairy farmers. Long days are spent harvesting hundreds of acres to prepare feed for the future.

Feeding cows year round takes a lot of planning. Considering that cows can eat over 100 pounds of food per day, it is important to have all the ingredients to make their meals (aka rations) available …

Cows Eating

Fun Facts About Cows

Everyone knows that cows give us milk which makes all our favorite foods, like cheese, yogurt, ice cream etc. but did you know some of these fun facts about cows…


They are curious by nature. When something new is happening on the dairy, the cows are sure to gather around and check it out. Jersey cows, in particular, …

Job Fair

Job Fair- 7/13/17

Express Employment Professionals is holding a job fair to hire 10 new employees for our milk manufacturing plant in Tempe, Arizona. The job fair is an open house, just stop by with your resume and work history anytime between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm. Jobs start as early as next week (July 18)!




Express Employment Professionals

1342 …

featured-family- Ryan

Employee Spotlight- Ryan Chapman

Ryan Chapman has worked for UDA for five years as a system controls technician in the maintenance department. The best part of his job is the ability to be versatile, working in many areas in the plant and the engineering aspect that goes into installing a new device. Before UDA he worked in the reactor engine room on the USS …

Kerr Family photo

Farm Feature- Kerr Family Dairy

The Kerr family has been in the dairy business since 1927. As founding members of the UDA co-op, their first dairy in Arizona was located on Kyrene and Guadalupe roads in Tempe. Third generation dairy farmer, Bill Kerr, started his herd in 1980 with 15 cows. By 1990, his herd was large enough to build his own dairy facility in …

Arizona’s “Cool” Technology


Arizona’s dry climate is great for cows. Low humidity and comfortable temperatures are the perfect recipe for high-quality milk. As temperatures climb during the summer months it can cause stress on the cows; which is where cooling technology comes in to keep the cows comfortable.

All Arizona dairies are equipped with high-tech cooling systems to keep cows cool. At …

June dairy month

June Dairy Month

June Dairy Month is an annual tradition to celebrate the many contributions the dairy industry makes to our community and the world. Every day, our dairymen and women work hard to take care of their animals by feeding them healthy diets, keeping the corrals clean and groomed, and the cows cool with specially designed systems that stand up to the …