The Scoop on Ice Cream Shops Around the Valley

Jul 1, 2019

Arizona sure makes it easy to celebrate National Ice Cream Month. Of course, there is round-the-clock sunshine and 100+ degree temps that regularly leave us craving this ice-cold, tasty treat. But what also makes Phoenix a great place for ice cream fanatics is the awesome array of ice cream shops that use UDA milk powder to make their frozen treats!

Warning: It might be hard to pick just one to try so good thing it’s National Ice Cream M O N T H.

Sweet Republic

Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe

An artisan ice cream store in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Sweet Republic is known for interesting flavor combos like sweet corn, strawberry buttermilk, and peaberry espresso.

Gelato Spot

Phoenix and Scottsdale

You might imagine that a place called The Gelato Spot takes gelato very seriously and you would be correct. They went into business because they were inspired by the craft of gelato, and they work every day to hone that craft and be known as the best gelato in Arizona .

The Screamery

Tucson and Phoenix

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