Who is United Dairymen of Arizona

We are a milk marketing cooperative owned by Arizona dairy families. Founded in 1960, the co-op merged two local dairy associations to ensure an adequate supply of fresh milk and dairy products of the highest possible quality for customers.

Our membership consists of approximately 69 farms, averaging 2,800 head per dairy. Our modern manufacturing facility in Tempe operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and produces high, medium and low heat nonfat dry milk (including vitamin fortified products), MPC, cream, butter, skim milk, condensed skim milk and lactose powder.

Our milk processing plant can process over 1 million gallons of milk per day. We are proud to be among the few remaining full-service dairy co-ops in the country. We offer our members installation, emergency repair, preventive maintenance, and transportation services along with chemical, equipment and pharmaceutical supplies.