Animal Care

Dairy farmers care about their animals. Most dairy farmers grew up on a dairy, and absorb a sense of love and responsibility for their animals from a very young age. UDA farmers are also very clear that customers want to purchase food from sources they know will take care of animals, and they operate in a way that is consistent with their values and expectations.

Did you know:

UDA dairy farmers’ commitment to providing high-quality milk begins with taking good care of their cows.

Farmers work closely with veterinarians and nutritionists to keep their cows healthy and comfortable. Dairy cows receive periodic check-ups, vaccinations and prompt treatment of illness.
Sometimes it’s necessary for farmers to treat cows with antibiotics when they are ill, just as people sometimes need medication when they are sick.

  • A cow being treated for illness is separated from the milking herd to ensure that its milk does not go into the milk supply.
  • Dairy farmers provide clean, dry bedding to their cows and access to food and water 24 hours a day.
  • In Arizona, sophisticated cooling systems are in place to ensure the cows are comfortable.
  • Cow nutritionists formulate a well-rounded diet for the cows to enjoy.

UDA dairy farmers participate in the National Dairy FARM Program (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management).
The National Dairy FARM Programâ„¢ is a nationwide, verifiable animal well-being program that brings consistency and uniformity to on-farm animal care and production practices: