UDA Custom Blending Solutions

Newly branded UDA Custom Solutions aims to simplify and speed up the manufacturing process for dry packaged ingredients in both domestic and international markets.

We’ve developed a wide assortment of blended dry products along with abilities to toll and re-pack custom-blended dairy ingredients, and other nutritional blends. These specialized products provide exceptional value into a wide variety of applications in the food sector (i.e. ice cream, bakery, processed cheese and confectionary) to nutritional animal feed.

Our highly regulated facility in Tempe, Arizona is governed by UDA’s Food Safety & Quality systems and regularly inspected by the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

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Our Services

Custom Blends

Blending toll services & custom solutions

  • SMP
  • MPC Blends
  • WPC Blends
  • Lactose
  • Tariff Friendly Blends
  • Animal Nutrition/CMR


Ribbon Blender

Multiple packaging options

  • Totes
  • 20 kg
  • 25 kg
  • 50 lb