Second Annual SECC Cow Milking Contest

Apr 19, 2019


A last-minute scorpion sting couldn’t keep her down! Sine Kerr fought through her injury and became the cream of the crop.

It was a bustling Thursday morning at the State Capitol with State Employees placing their bets on which Agency Director would take the crown in the Second Annual SECC Cow Milking Contest.

Arizona Dept of Ag Director, Mark Killian, sets out the challenge to other agency directors for a cow milking contest. State employees pledge donations to which director they think will win. All donations go toward the State Employee Charitable Campaign.

Over 100 state employees were on hand to cheer on their directors and support a great cause.

UDA member and State Senator, Sine Kerr, squared up against Arizona Dept of Ag Director Killian in the final pairing of the day. Killian talked a big game, but Senator Kerr came out victorious with 3 cups of milk!

Over $1,600.00 was raised for the SECC!

A big thank you goes out to Anneke, Regan, Jackson and Sam for bringing the cows and keeping them comfortable during the whole event.

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