Response to fairlife Undercover Video

Jun 8, 2019

UDA Supports fairlife

United Dairymen of Arizona (UDA) is aware of the recent undercover video release from Fair Oaks Farms. The treatment of animals in the video is entirely unacceptable and upsetting. The dairy industry does not condone the behavior of the particular farm employees. We’re confident the authorities involved will conduct a thorough investigation into what took place on this farm and determine the appropriate response.

UDA fully supports the proactive approach taken by Fair Oaks Farms to investigate the situation thoroughly. Following the protocols of the national Farmers Assuring Responsible Management program, the incidents were reported and management terminated the employees in question before the videos were released.

As a member of the National Dairy FARM program, we take animal care very seriously. Not only because healthy, well-cared for animals make the highest quality milk, but also because it’s the right thing to do.

This incident has brought light to the vigilance and training we as dairy farmers in Arizona and across the country must continue to take in the humane and ethical treatment of our animals. We must continuously watch, train and discuss with our employees the importance that the utmost care of our animals is as the central focus of everything we do to bring high-quality milk products to the world.


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