Brewing Video features Arizona Dairy Co.

Aug 23, 2018

“If I could get beer from my cows, I would…” – Justin Stewart

East Valley brewery, Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co., (AWBC) make a point to source ingredients from local farms for their menu and brew process.

Recently, AWBC took a tour of Arizona Dairy Co. to get an up close look at dairy farming in Arizona. While there, the AWBC team filmed a video to feature UDA as their local lactose and cheese supplier.

UDA is able to pull lactose out of milk as a by-product which is then used in many types of packaged foods and beverages, like AWBC beers!

We love customers who support local agriculture!

Ever have the chance to try our Wilderness inspired ales brewed with AZ milk sugar and our fan favorite dish, Poutine Fries? Both include dairy from United Dairymen of Arizona and other supporting local Dairy farms like AZ Dairy Co. A numerous amount of our scratch-made menu items include local cheese from Arizona Cheese Co. and UDA, and they almost always pair well with either a slurpee inspired IPA, July 11th, or a Milk Stout, like our upcoming Abundansea. The dairy farmers love and treat their cows dearly with extra care and are producing gallons of milk per day per dairy farm. We feel so special to know exactly where our dairy products are sourced and even more thrilled to share with you the end product from our dedicated kitchen team. #LocalWednesday #FarmtoTable #FarmtoGlass

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