Continuous Improvement in Animal Care

Feb 13, 2020

As part of their continuous improvement efforts, UDA member, Stotz Dairy participated in a Low Energy Animal Handling (LEAH) training offered through Elanco Animal Health.

The three-day training covers all areas of low-stress animal handling. Participants start with an overview in the classroom, and then all go out to the dairy to put their lessons to practice. They learned about different zones on cows and how cows will react when you are near a particular zone.

You learn to think like a cow and adjust your movements accordingly. Instead of using your voice or whistling, you stay calm with your hands in your pockets. “We are always open to new ways of working with our cows because healthy and comfortable cows make the best milk.” Says Jen Millican of Stotz Dairy.

After the three-day training, 14 employees received their LEAH certification.

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