Clean Your Room Day, on the Dairy!

May 10, 2022

While May 10 is the ‘official holiday’ every day is “Clean Your Room Day” on a dairy farm. While the holiday sounds like a parent’s dream day, cleaning a cow’s ‘room’ on the dairy is a very important part in keeping cows healthy and their milk high-quality.

Dairy farmers actually clean their cows ‘room’ 2-3 times a day! Here’s how:

  • When the cows go get milked, farmers take that time while the cows are at the parlor to groom the corral.
  • Grooming the corral is important because it takes any damp bedding out and pulls in dry bedding.
    • The soft, dry bedding is more comfortable for cows to lay on.
  • It also keeps the cows cleaner, which means higher quality milk.

The grooming also leaves lines on the ground similar to when you vacuum a carpet. Farmers enjoy seeing their corrals freshly groomed, just like you might like seeing freshly vacuumed carpets.

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