Cheese Board Making Tips

Sep 14, 2018

Looking for something new to try while you’re bored in the house? Brush up on your cheese board skills! Cheese boards are great because they look fancy but can be arranged in minutes. Many items could be in your pantry so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a great cheese board.

Unsure about where to start? Follow these tips!

Tip 1.

Start with 3-4 cheeses. Typically, you try to include different types of cheese like a soft cheese, semi-soft cheese, hard cheese, and a stronger cheese. This rule isn’t set in stone and if you have a few favorites, just throw them on.

Tip 2.

Add something salty. Cured meats are very popular addition to cheese boards. Roll them up, fold them and stack, or line them up. Stuffed olives are another salty addition. These can be tricky, people either love them or hate them… If they are in their own bowl, the haters don’t have to touch them but the lovers will be happy they are included. Win-win!

Tip 3.

Add something sweet. Fresh fruit like grapes and berries, or dried fruit like apricots and raisins are delicious additions. You can also include jams and honey.

Tip 4.

Add crunch. No cheese board is complete without crackers, bread or bread sticks.


Once you have all the pieces to your board, it’s time to assemble. Don’t be afraid to use different shapes of bowls, crackers, and cheeses to make your board more interesting.

Keep filling the spaces until the board is covered.




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