United Dairymen of Arizona Leaders

Our leadership is made up of decades of experience in the dairy product and manufacturing industry. Most have worked their way up through various positions in the plant and know many areas of our company well.

  • Keth M.

    Keith M.


    Started: 1997

  • Mark H.

    Mark H.


    Started: 1992

  • Gayle L.

    Gayle L.


    Started: 1981

  • Steve B.

    Steve B.

    VP of Operations

    Started: 1984

  • Ken S.

    Ken S.

    VP of Facilities

    Started: 2008

  • Ashley Ellixson Headshot

    Ashley E.

    VP of Legal and Environmental Affairs

    Started: 2017

  • Heidi M.

    Heidi M.

    VP of Quality Assurance

    Started: 2007

  • Tonja R.

    Tonja R.

    VP of Human Resources

    Started: 2013

  • Travis S.

    Travis S.

    Manager of Transportation

    Started: 2008