Products We Offer

Our milk processing plant in Tempe is the heart of UDA. Since the start of the twenty-first century, we’ve developed a wide assortment of 24 blended dry products along with USDA certified sweet cream and condensed skim milk. Please note all products listed on this page are sold in bulk, by the truckload or 50 lb bags.

In 2009, we started making fresh cheese and cheese curds at our Tempe campus. The cheese is sold under the Arizona Farms brand name and can be found at many retail outlets around the state.

Fluid Products

Dry Products


Low Heat Condensed Skim

Medium Heat Condensed Skim

Pasteurized Skim Milk

Raw Whole Milk (in bulk by the tanker load)




Unsalted Butter

Buttermilk Powder


  Nonfat Dry Milk

  • Low Heat
  • Medium Heat
  • High Heat

rBST-free Nonfat Dry Milk

Skim Milk Powder

  • Low Heat
  • Medium Heat

Milk Protein Concentrate 40%

  • Low Heat
  • Medium Heat

Milk Protein Concentrate 70%

  • Low Heat