Farm Feature- Arizona Dairy Co.

Featured Family Justin Stewart

In 1973, Kenny and Marvin Morrison partnered up with Jim Tappan to create Arizona Dairy Co. The sprawling desert landscape of East Mesa was home to their 2,560 cow operation. In the early 80’s the dairy expanded toward the south end of the property and doubled their capacity to over 5,000 head of cattle. Fast forward 30 years and the dairy has expanded further to milk 6,500 cows three times a day.

Every day cows are bred, born, and raised on-site. Like many dairy farms, there is a significant amount of time, effort, and resources invested into calves as they grow to ensure they are healthy, high-producing cows. “Proper animal care is one of my top priorities for the cows.  The main things I look at are clean, dry, and soft pens for cows to bed on, high quality feed, clean water, and cooling.” Says Az Dairy Co. owner, Justin Stewart.

In 2006, Justin and his family took over ownership and operations of the dairy. With a background as an Air Traffic Controller in the Navy, Justin took to the daily tasks on the dairy with open arms. “What I like most about my job is the variety in daily tasks I get to do.  I don’t sit in an office all day looking at numbers; I am out with my managers and employees, encouraging teamwork, and also to see how things are running and helping out where I can.”

When asked about dairy farming misconceptions, Justin was quick to answer, “We pride ourselves in the way we take care of our animals.  Our motto at Arizona Dairy Co. is ‘for cows to be high-producing and happy, they need to be relaxed, well-fed, clean, cool, and dry’.”