Employee Spotlight

McClellen Family Featured

Name: Ben McClellen

Years worked at UDA: Ben started at UDA in June of 1997, at 16 years old. He worked the 10 pm- 6 am shift on Friday and Saturday.

Tell us a little about yourself: Ben was born and raised in Phoenix. He attended Barry Goldwater Highschool, and played golf and baseball. Ben and his girlfriend Liz, have two sons, Shane and Max. The boys both like to golf and play at the Future’s course. In the summer, Ben and his family like to go to Lake Pleasant for tubing and swimming. In the winter they go out to the sand dunes! Ben also enjoys playing golf and loves that his boys are getting interested in the sport.

What is your job at UDA?: Environmental Compliance Manager.

Have you worked any other positions at UDA?: Ben has worked many different positions at UDA including, Lab, Water Care Technician, Plant Team Leader, and Water Care Superintendent.

What part of your job do you like the most?: I really enjoy mentoring employees. A lot of times there are people who get hired that have very little to no experience. Teaching someone a skill that allows them to have a lifelong career in the industry is very rewarding. I also enjoy having a group of guys, and gal, that are dedicated and hard working. These individuals could work in any department at our Plant, but they choose to work for me–which I am very grateful for!

After nearly 20 years with UDA he says it’s amazing to see how the plant has changed over the years.

Before working for UDA did you have any interesting or unusual jobs: While he worked part time at UDA, Ben also worked as a Pharmacy Tech for a Walgreens in Phoenix. The pharmacy was the busiest in the state at the time and filled with ‘interesting’ customers.

What is one thing you can’t live without?: My family.