Employee Spotlight

Featured Family- Adam Clauson

Name: Adam Clauson

Years worked at UDA: 7 years

Tell us a little about yourself: Adam enjoys outdoor activities like 4-wheeling, rock crawling, camping, and boating. His favorite spot to camp is up near Payson and his favorite place for boating is Lake Powell. Traveling is another of his favorite activities and last year he traveled to Spain. He explored the country for about a month with his girlfriend. His favorite part of the trip to Spain was visiting the northern village of Luanco. The village is where he felt the most immersed in Spanish culture.

What is your job at UDA?: Adam was recently promoted to Protein Plant Manager.

Have you worked any other positions at UDA?: Adam started work at UDA at the suggestion of a friend who also worked for our company. He started in Receiving and has worked in many other positions like R1, Skilled Relief, and most recently as a Production Supervisor.

What part of your job do you like the most?: The thing he is most excited about with the new position is the chance to start something from the ground up. This gives him a chance to know every area of his plant and develop good habits with his employees.

Before working for UDA did you have any interesting or unusual jobs?: Before UDA Adam had a variety of different jobs, such as an automotive mechanic for Chrysler in New Mexico, working in a mail room for Wage Works, and doing maintenance in an interior design showroom.

What is one thing you can’t live without?: Adam can’t live without camping and outdoor adventures. They are his break from reality.