Cows in the… Bullpen?!

Cows at Chase Field

UDA Member Dairy, Arizona Dairy Co., teamed up with Shamrock Farms for their 2018 Cow Milk Off with the Diamondbacks.

To celebrate June Dairy Month, Shamrock Farms is donating a whole tanker truck (96,000 servings) of milk to families in need! They kicked off the fun at Chase Field last week, with the 2018 Cow Milk Off.

UDA board member, Justin Stewart, brought Charlie the cow for the Milk Off. She was milked by Diamondback’s players Nick Ahmed, Zack Godley, and Andrew Chafin.

After losing last year’s milk off, Andrew Chafin came back with the victory and milked 6 oz in 60 seconds.

Thanks to Justin and the crew at Arizona Dairy Co. for volunteering their time for a fun and worthy cause!

Thank you to Shamrock Farms for providing the most requested, yet least donated items at food banks

*Images courtesy of Diamondbacks Photographer