Surviving a Microburst at Ethington Dairy

On the morning of June 30th 2016 Jacob Ethington of Ethington Dairy left for work, a little early, to tackle the ‘few extra things’ on his to-do list. While watching the early morning sunrise, his dairy manager called to give him an update on the storm that had rolled through the previous night.

The monsoon storm brought with it the …

featured-family- adam clauson

Employee Spotlight

Name: Adam Clauson

Years worked at UDA: 7 years

Tell us a little about yourself: Adam enjoys outdoor activities like 4-wheeling, rock crawling, camping, and boating. His favorite spot to camp is up near Payson and his favorite place for boating is Lake Powell. Traveling is another of his favorite activities and last year he traveled to Spain. He explored …

featured-family- ben McClellen

Employee Spotlight

Name: Ben McClellen

Years worked at UDA: Ben started at UDA in June of 1997, at 16 years old. He worked the 10 pm- 6 am shift on Friday and Saturday.

Tell us a little about yourself: Ben was born and raised in Phoenix. He attended Barry Goldwater Highschool, and played golf and baseball. Ben and his girlfriend Liz, have …