Sustainability at UDA

On the dairy:

For over 50 years our farm families show responsibility for the earth. In order for a dairy to thrive, a dairy family must take care of its land and environment. One of our newest ventures is in the area of manure management through Newtrient. Manure is a great fertilizer for crops and can be used to generate electricity, Newtrient is helping to develop the market for manure in the American dairy industry.

At the Plant:

Dairy families went “green” long before the term was coined, so it only makes sense that the largest Dairy Cooperative in the state would follow in its members’ footsteps. Since 2008, we have made effective improvements on our carbon footprint. Becoming more environmentally friendly continues to prove good for the planet as well as the bottom line. Using energy efficient lighting and motion-controlled sensors provides enormous savings. Adding the combustion catalyst system (CCS) in our milk tankers decreased fuel consumption, decreased exhaust gases and increased engine life.

We also pledged to participate in responsible building practices. All building improvements must adhere to at least one of three standards: longevity, recyclables and reducing carbon footprint. Updates like acid brick to the floors and Arcoplast to the walls and ceilings in the dairy plant will meet UDA’s 15-year longevity standard. Dairies typically use natural or recycled materials in these adjustments.